Dinner & garlic

This morning, I picked the garlic.  It was hard to find – the silverbeet seed heads have fallen over it, the yams and artichokes blocked the way to it…  Finally I made it through the over-grown jungle that is currently the vegetable garden and found the garlic.  Once there, I pulled it all gently from the ground and took it to the barn to hang while it cures. This year I decided to try drying it in plaits as well as the bunches of five heads that I normally use.  There are 117 heads in total, but all are small.  I think that the individual cloves on the heads may be a reasonable size – I will know more once it has cured and I bring it inside.

While fighting my way to the garlic, I found 15 broad beans and pulled several potato plants that are not in the potato beds.  The beans and potatoes will be cooked for dinner tonight.

Garlic before harvesting
Garlic in the barn to cure
Small heads of garlic
Broad beans
A rainbow of potatoes

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